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Alfee Max (R) interviews Don Kenny (L) at The Alfee Show held at DayDayUp Wuxi Accelerator in Wuxi"s Xinwu district on April 8. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"Treat people the way you would like to be treated. That"s truly important," said a charitable expat, Don Kenny, at The Alfee Show held at the DayDayUp Wuxi Accelerator in Wuxi"s Xinwu district on April 8.

The Alfee Show, sponsored by the DayDayUp Wuxi Accelerator, is a regularly-held English talk show featuring the lives of expats living in Wuxi and beyond. The host, Alfee Max, is a Ghanaian student studying his masters at the Wuxi-based Jiangnan University. He and his expat colleagues in Wuxi have formed a team called I4C Productions, which produces the talk show, music videos, and film series.

The third episode of the talk show on Sunday night invited Don Kenny to share his life experiences in China and talk about his charitable initiative, the "Red Envelope Run". In the audience were scores of other foreign nationals currently living in Wuxi.

Don Kenny, a businessman from Ohio in the United States, first came to China as a US company employee in August 2006. He simply fell in love with the country and decided to leave America to set up a life for himself in China.

Kenny moved to Wuxi in 2012 and started his own international trading company in the city three years ago. In his spare time, Kenny is an avid marathon runner and triathlon participant.

At the show, Kenny compared Wuxi to a "primary home", not just a "second home". Currently, he lives in an ordinary apartment building with many Wuxi locals, with many who can only speak the Wu dialect. "I prefer to live around the Chinese community. I just feel comfortable with that," he said.

When asked about his impression of the city and China in general, Kenny remarked: "It never ceases to amaze me. You go around the corner, you see something new."

"I guess I would also give some kudos to the government, as they continue to beautify the whole country," he added.

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