Nepal-make your own charity wristbandsChina inland trade halted after flood damages bridge near border

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KATHMANDU - The Nepal-China trade through Rasuwagadhi-Kerung (Geelong) border point has been suspended since Friday after a rain-induced flood damaged a bridge over a stream close to Nepal-China border, local officials said.

It is the only operating trade route between the two neighbors as another Tatopani-Khasa (Zhangmu) route in Sindhupalchowk district has remained closed since the deadly earthquake in April 2015, Krishna Poudel, chief district officer of Rasuwa, told Xinhua on Sunday.

About 200 trucks carrying goods from China and those heading to border areas to receive goods have remained stranded following the bridge was damaged, said the official.

"We halted the movement of large vehicles from Friday and halted all types of vehicles since Saturday after the flood damaged one of the pillars of the bridge," he said.

According to Poudel, a technical team from the Department of Road assessed the status of the bridge on Sunday, saying a minor damage to the pillar was spotted and it could be renovated within a week.

"Until then, there can be no movement of vehicles on the bridge and there is no suitable area to build temporary bridge too," he said.

Nepali officials said that the bridge must be rebuilt soon as the time has come for Nepali traders to import goods in large scale targeting the upcoming Dashain and Tihar festivals, two of the biggest festivals celebrated in the Himalayan country in October-November period.

Nepal-China border area has been seeing massive and minor landslides in recent days due to incessant rainfalls.

On July 26, a rain-induced landslide killed nine people while injuring 12 around the same area.

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